Army Leaders Identification "LI" Tabs / Insignia

Leaders Identification Insignia

Leader’s Identification Insignia

a. Leaders of all units, regardless of unit category, will wear the leader’s identification (LI) insignia.
b. The following specific leaders are authorized to wear the LI insignia:

(1) Commanders.

(2) Deputy Commanders.

(3) Platoon leaders.

(4) Command sergeants major.

(5) First sergeants.

(6) Platoon sergeants.

(7) Section leaders

(8) Squad leaders and tank commanders

(9) Team leaders

(10) Assistant Special Forces detachment commanders.

(11) Special Forces operational detachment “A” senior sergeants.

(12) Special Forces operational detachment “B” sergeants major.


c. Personnel will not wear the LI when reassigned from a command position, or from an organization designated above, or when taking an official photo.
d. See DA Pam 670–1 for additional guidance.