91st Cyber Brigade, Army National Guard Cyber Brigade, A-1-1121

91st Cyber Brigade, A-1-0000

Army National Guard Cyber Brigade, A-1-1121 PDF

The Virginia National Guard’s Bowling Green-based 91st Troop Command transformed into the Army National Guard’s first cyber brigade at a reflagging ceremony Sept. 17, 2017, at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The new cyber brigade provides training and readiness oversight for cyber units across 30 states to include unit validation activities in order to provide ready, fully-resourced and proficient forces capable of conducting full-spectrum cyberspace operations in support of federal and state requirements. The 91st Troop Command will be redesignated as 91st Cyber Brigade, and the Fairfax-based 123rd Data Processing Unit will be divided into the 123rd and 124th Cyber Protection Battalions

Symbolism – Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
The sword and lightning bolt are indicative of cyber operations; the sword displaying offensive and defensive capabilities while the lightning bolts suggests technology, information, and signal transmissions. The colors black and steel gray are associated with the cyber branch. Black denotes cyberspace, security, and a new frontier. Steel gray represents fortitude, mettle, and endurance. Gold exemplifies excellence, expediency and expertise.