212th Fires Brigade, A-1-666

212th Fires Brigade, A-1-666


A vertical rectangle arched at top and bottom, 3 inches (7.62 cm) in height and 2 1/4 inches (5.72 cm) in width overall, having within a 1/8 inch (.32 cm) yellow border a field divided per saltire of yellow and scarlet and between two yellow decrescents at center, two black vertical arrows conjoined, their points upwards.


Scarlet and yellow are the colors used for the Field Artillery branch. The crossed lines of the field refer to target finding and the two decrescents suggest the aerial route of the artillery projectile; the arrows denote artillery. The Roman numeral designation is represented by the two C-shaped symbols for 200 and the X-shaped field and two vertical arrows for 12.


The shoulder sleeve insignia was originally approved for the 212th Field Artillery Brigade on 28 July 1981. It was redesignated effective 17 July 2011, for the 212th Fires Brigade with the description updated.
(TIOH Dwg. No. A-1-666)
Information & Plaques Courtesy of The Institute of Heraldry!!