165th Infantry Brigade, A-1-910

165th Infantry Brigade, A-1-910

165th Infantry Brigade

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia


On a light blue rectangle, the bottom edge semi-circular, 3 inches (7.62 cm) in height overall, three conjoined inverted piles issuing from the base in scarlet, white, and blue, surmounted by a black pile charged with a gold lightning flash issuing from the top of the device, all within a 1/8 inch (.32 cm) black border.


The Infantry branch is represented by the light blue background color. The black triangular pile refers to the unit's association with the original 83rd Infantry Division. The bolt of lightning recalls the nickname of the unit. The three phases of service members' training are symbolized by the three scarlet, white, and blue sections in base, which refer also to the national colors. The black border denotes unity and solidarity, gold signifies excellence.


The shoulder sleeve insignia was approved on 8 January 2007.

(TIOH Drawing Number A-1-910)
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