94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, A-1-693

94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command
Fort Shafter, Hawaii
United States Army Pacific

On a red rectangle arched at the top and bottom with a 1/8 inch (.32cm) yellow border 3 inches (7.62cm) in height and 2 inches (5.08cm) in width overall a red sea lion grasping a sword on a yellow tower issuant from base all below two yellow parallel arrows points up from lower right to upper left.
Scarlet and yellow are the colors of Artillery. The tower symbolizes a strong defensive position. The two arrows represent ground-to-air missiles referring to the unit's mission. The sea lion, commemorative of the unit's proud heritage, alludes to World War II service in the Philippines and the South Pacific.

The shoulder sleeve insignia was authorized on 29 June 1984. It was redesignated for the 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command effective 16 October 2005.
(TIOH Drawing Number A-1-693)
Information & Plaques Courtesy of The Institute of Heraldry!!