German Armed Forces Badge for Weapons Proficiency (German: Schützenschnur)

In the United States military, the German Armed Forces Badge for Weapons Proficiency

is one of the few pre-approved foreign awards, requiring no individual approval
request to be forwarded up the serviceman's chain of command to the United States
Senate for acceptance. Occasion and manner of wear of the
Schützenschnur are governed by the individual services' uniform regulations
(e.g., Army Regulation 670-1; such regulations additionally specify the placement
of the concealed button on the uniform with which to affix the Schützenschnur's rope.

Section 29-19 part C of the AR 670-1 states the following.
The German Marksmanship Award (Schuetzenschnur)
is authorized for wear only by enlisted personnel. Officers may accept,
but may not wear the Schuetzenschnur. If authorized, personnel wear the award
on the right side of the uniform coat, with the upper portion attached
under the center of the epaulette, and the bottom portion attached under the
lapel to a button mounted specifically for wear of this award.