Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

Note: OCP Main Colors are Bagby Green, and Black
OCP with Three Colors Bagby Green, Black and Olive Drab per TIOH
Units approved for Bagby Green, Black and Brown are:
U.S. Central Command, A-1-787
U.S. Forces - Afghanistan, A-1-918
225th Engineer Brigade, A-1-948
176th Engineer Brigade, A-1-1000
518th Sustainment Brigade, A-1-1028
Requests for the third Color to be Brown must go thru TIOH
Attn: Sherry A. O'Connor Industrial Specialist (Textiles)
The Institute of Heraldry
9325 Gunston Rd, Rm S-108
Ft Belvoir, VA 22060 703-806-4982 (DSN) 656-4982